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Flute Girl

Flute Girl Band Uniform

Flute Girl Everyday

Flute Girl Winter Gear

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color: Golden Brown
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Student at Norrisville High
NHS Marching Band Member
  Bucky Hensletter


Love Interests:
  Stevens (formerly)
  Playing the flute
Getting good grades
  Her dentist
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Got Stank
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Flute Girl is a member of the Norrisville High Band and a student at Norrisville High. Her perpetual name seems to be Flute Girl, as her classmates and even teachers call her that.


Flute Girl does well in school, and gets easily annoyed with anyone who slacks off or comes off as an idiot, especially Randy and Howard. For example, in "McFists of Fury", she couldn't believe they didn't know who Brawn Brickwall was. She also is frustrated with people who don't listen to her, like Bucky doing a triangle "solo" during "Got Stank" and singing instead of buying her a McFist Tunes gift card  that she wanted in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch". She usually follows the rules whether she likes it or not, having no choice but follow Howard to Mt. Chuck because of the five-foot rule. However, she is nice, comforting Bucky about being tricked to go up the volcano in "Monster Dump", and often thanking the Ninja whenever he saves her. Also in that episode it shows how seriously Flute girl follows the rules, a trait howard exploits to get her up the volcano with him.


Monster Form

Her normal appearance when she is stanked by the Sorcerer is a blue tyrannosaurus-like monster with a large mouth. In "Lucius O'Thunderpunch", she tries to chomp the Ninja, but he stops her by breaking free and knocking her out.


  • Civilian Attire - skirt and long-sleeve shirt and sneakers
  • Band Attire - blue and yellow long-sleeve shirt with buttons, blue pants with yellow lines on the side, black shoes and blue and yellow band player hat
  • Instrument - flute that she calls "Princess Tootie."

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